Flu vaccination 2023/2024 Zurich

Protect yourself from the flu

The flu vaccination is together with a strong immune system the best way to reduce the risk of getting the flu and its complications. At the Pilgerbrunnen Rotpunkt Apotheke in Zurich you can get the flu shot without a previous appointment or waiting time.

Grippeimpfung in der Pilgerbrunnen Rotpunkt Apotheke
Illustration: Supriya Bhonsle (mixkit.co)

Important Facts

Flu vaccination

For people aged 65 and above and for people with chronic diseases the flu vaccination is recommended. Also recommended is the flu vaccination for people who like to reduce the risk of getting the flu because of professional and/or private reasons. And it is recommended for all people with contact to people above 65 years and older, people with chronic diseases and babies.

All important questions to the flu vaccination are consolidated in the FAQ section.

The flu vaccination at our pharmacy in Zurich is safe, easy and fast.

Flu Vaccination

Without appointment: Monday to Friday 10:00 – 17:00
Time: 10 minutes | Price: CHF 42.00

All other times than above mentioned and on Saturday we kindly ask you to book your appointment here on the website, to send us a email (info@apotheke-pilgerbrunnen.ch) or to give us a phone call (044 406 80 40).


The flu vaccination is easy and fast.

  1. Come directly into the Pilgerbrunnen Rotpunkt Apotheke at the Albisriederplatz in Zurich or register online (preferred).
  2. In the consulting room of the pharmacy you fill out a flu vaccination form together with the pharmacist. Thereby we ensure there are no complications. Of course the pharmacist will answer all your individual questions in connection with the flu vaccination
  3. You will be then informed by the pharmacist about possible side effects of the flu vaccination.
  4. You will get the flu vaccination.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)​

The BAG (Bundesamt für Gesundheit) recommends the flu vaccination for persons with an increased risk of complications: people aged 65 and above, pregnant women, children born prematurely up to 2 years of age, and persons with chronic diseases. To protect these persons better, not only they, but everyone in regular contact with them should be vaccinated against the flu. The latter includes close family members, infant caregivers and health professionals.

Influenza vaccination is the easiest and most effective way of prevention for protecting yourself and others from the flu and its complications.

Flu vaccine efficacy depends on age and general health status, but also on the match of vaccine strains with currently circulating influenza virus strains.

Influenza vaccination does not offer protection in any case: The BAG says that studies estimate efficacy at 20 to 80 % depending on season and vaccinated individuals.

The ideal period for the flu shot runs from mid-October to mid-November.

In up to 25 % of cases, temporary pain or reddening can occur at the injection site after vaccination. Around 5 % of cases experience increased body temperature, muscular pain or a mild feeling of illness occur. Severe adverse reactions are not only extremely rare; they are also considerably rarer than the complications from the flu itself.